Terms and Conditions

Your details

We (the Good-Night team) will not disclose personal details of members and subscribers to any other organisation that is not connected with the provision of our services.

All personal data will be stored electronically in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Individual’s personal details will be removed from our contact database on request.

Service availability

The services provided are exclusively available on-line only.

Membership does not confer any rights to copy, share or publish the on-line material which will always remain the property of The Good-Night Sleep Centre subject to the Laws of England and Wales.

Access to the audio-visual material will be obtained by payment of a monthly subscription with the exception of the free information video and the sample materials.

New material will be provided with each successive month of subscriber fidelity – linked to members’ individual accounts with The Good-Night Sleep Centre.

Cessation of monthly payments via PayPal will lead to denial of any further access to members’ audio-visual materials and the account will be frozen on request or cancelled.  Re-joiners will regain full access to their frozen account with fully restored access.

Membership is not transferable and will remain linked to the original email address.

Your Agreement

Members are not permitted to copy, share or publish material that is the property of The Good-Night Sleep Centre.

Members are cautioned about the intended effects of the audio materials provided, which may induce drowsiness in any listener – adult or child.  The recordings must not be played in the hearing of a person who is driving or who needs to remain alert for whatever reason.  Parents who listen to the stories with their children may feel drowsy too as they relax.

I have read and understood these terms and conditions which I accept by signing up for a membership.

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