Dear Parent,

You will have found your way to this page because you find the bedtime situation with your child(ren) unduly challenging.  You are very much not alone in this. 

We have produced these special techniques in response to widespread demand for a natural approach without resort to medical type products – and now we want to open up the access to our methods that we have been using successfully in individual situations for young children right through to teenagers. 

Even adults have found our spoken children’s stories to be sleep inducing!  Bedtime can be a time to be younger and we have found that sensitive teenagers also enjoy the child-centred approach of our stories. 

We have experimented with analysing children’s and adults’ brainwave patterns and we have found that regardless of age the brain-waves change during story-time as a result of reduced brain excitement and enhanced soothing.

The elements that we have included in the information video all speak for themselves and we cannot underestimate the importance of establishing a well-supported bedtime routine that varies gradually as the child matures.  In the video we don’t address the sleep patterns of very young infants but the same principles generally apply. This is a subject that you will find covered from time to time in our monthly blogs.

 Babies won’t sleep if they are hungry, tired, in pain, anxious and disturbed by inconsistency and any form of disruption.  Babies do not like to feel abandoned and they are reassured by recognising familiar patterns of response in which their needs are anticipated and met.  They want their mums and dads to be calm and confidently in charge even when they test the situation with a scream or two!

Whatever the age of your child you will need to develop a routine that works for everyone.  Older children will need to understand the reasons for changing the bed-time plan in the way you decide.  You may want to show them the free information video that we have included

Our stories have been effective from as young as three years old and they are suitable up to early teens if they are to be used as an exercise.  Children will choose favourites to be replayed but they will also want to hear the next set of stories each month. 

There will be continuing themes of characters who may be children, grown-ups or animals.  For instance Brutus the big black dog, Angel the purr-fect cat and Julio the clever little brown mouse.  And there is a love story when Brutus meets his new neighbour Candy who is creamy-coloured and so beautiful in his eyes.  The content is mild and often has elements of problem-solving and even gentle humour. 

The key parental task is to establish comfort and to encourage the breathing exercise which is included at the start of every story. 

Children are instructed to close their eyes and make their own mental film of the action as the story goes on.  Each story has an illustration on the screen in case they do open their eyes.  As a parent you may want to be alongside them but there is a danger that you will fall asleep too

***For this reason we would prohibit using them in a car unless the child is using earphones. 

You may need to allow your child to play several stories in one go to achieve the best effect.  There is no harm in this so long as you are in charge of this and set a limit that you can cope with.

Each month a new set of ten spoken stories will become available to add to the library.  The eventual complete set will comprise 100 stories.  Access to the stories will continue to grow as long as the monthly subscriptions are maintained.  They are not designed to be down-loaded.


The cost for a monthly subscription membership is £7.99 and this gives 24 hour access if necessary!  As each month passes the access to ten more stories.

You will have continuous access to our on-line monthly blogs and also the ability to use our confidential help line.

If you want to use our other products to help teenagers and adults you may opt for a combined fee of £9.99 per month – a saving of £3 per month.

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