Hi!  We have been making it easier and more fun for children and grown-ups to find a really good way of getting off to sleep at bed-time.  Lots of children find it hard and they can get quite upset – especially if mum and dad get cross and shouty.

Good sleeping is really important to help us grow and be strong and healthy.  Good sleeping helps our brains to grow too and that helps us to enjoy learning new things – like sports, lessons, making friends, being cheerful and having fun – and doing good stuff well.

Some children find it hard to go to sleep and we have made up some really good stories to help children of all ages to settle down and make sure they can fall asleep without getting bothered by things that worry or annoy them.

You will have to follow the instructions about breathing and also you will be asked to close your eyes and make your own pictures of each story – like you are making a movie film in your mind.

You will meet lots of characters (dogs, cats and mice – and birds that can speak to our hero Mr Green.) and the things they get up to.  Nothing is scary or frightening but there are some stories that tell about how things can be made better.  Some stories may make you laugh too.

Good Night everyone – sweet dreams!

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