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The Good Night Sleep Centre

has been established to bring relief to significant numbers of children and adults who can’t sleep well wherever they lay their heads.

We offer out services through a range of options including special spoken stories for children of all ages that have been shown to induce sleep in the most wakeful of children! We also have relaxation exercises for teenagers and adults too.

Our video presentation will give you vital sleep facts to support parents and carers who are challenged by their children at bedtime when they will not settle down to sleep for the night.

Are You TIRED of (your children) NOT SLEEPING?

What is the problem?

We want to help you – and your children at The Good Night Sleep Centre

First of all have a look at our free information video that has been compiled by experts.
Then – At no expense try out our free sample spoken story that has helped so many children fall asleep – especially when combined with the good advice to help your child and you to develop healthy sleeping patterns – night after night after night. 

If you are looking for help to relax and sleep for yourself, we have a sample exercise for you to try out, too.

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Did you know?


of people have insomnia at some point in their lives


of children are more likely to develop sleeping issues from birth


of adults suffer with a restless nights sleep every night

The information video relates the kinds of things you need to fix to give yourself or your child the best chance of relaxing – which includes all the usual measures like the four basics of the environment, your routines, emotional calm and safety and avoiding excessive stimulation.

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